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"Merry Christmas: A Change is Coming...and It's Good!"

Dear Friends through Christ:

Merry Christmas! This year we will celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior on Friday, December 24, at 4PM and 7PM. Hope to see you!

Last month, I mentioned that I would try to paint a picture of a vision I see for Peace Lutheran. That vision has been placed into words and given to your council for their input. We will share that vision in the January newsletter.

In the meantime, on January 2, 2022, Peace Lutheran will finally gather together with one worship service at 10:00AM. Mark that down. One worship with full liturgy and choir at 10AM!

On this same date, Sunday morning Bible study will be offered at 8:45AM for all ages. Sandy Trexler will begin teaching the younger generation the basics regarding Word and Sacrament. They will explore Baptism and Communion and hear the classic stories found in the Bible.

The balance of the people willing to invest their time on Sunday morning at 8:45AM will serve as “Guinea Pigs,” helping to place the final touches on a book, entitled “It is Enough.” The book reveals the heart of our Creator and God’s will for humanity. It does this through the bookends of Scripture. It teaches human nature and purpose. It opens understanding to sin and evil in the world. It shows our past, our present, and our future. It gives options and shows the outcome of our choices. It truly is enough.

“It Is Enough” uses the two most exciting and misunderstood books of the Bible, Genesis and Revelation, showing a rational side of truth. These heavenly pieces of literature give wisdom. The introduction to Genesis (up to the call of Abram), and the entire text of Revelation is enough to gain a better knowledge of the balance of Scripture. It is enough to begin to see and understand so many of our depth questions. Who is God? Who am I?

At 9:30AM, the classes will begin to wrap up. At that time those wishing to sing in the choir will gather for practice, while the rest of us can finish our discussion and gather for fellowship and treats. It is exciting to get back to some sense of normalcy. Hope to see you!

Seeing that we are still fighting the effects of this pandemic and seeing that we are trying to move forward at the same time, I would like to wrap up this month’s letter with the topic of stewardship. A steward is a person who manages or looks after property belonging to another. We are to manage and look after the property that belongs to God. And folks, it all belongs to God. I promise, when all is said and done, you will not take one single thing with you. You won’t need it. We are simply stewards. We become good stewards by offering up a minimum of 10% of your time, your talent and your treasures for work in Christ’s Church and God’s kingdom. The possibilities are endless.

Can you give your time? Can you donate your time to serve on council, helping to guide this lampstand forward? Can you use your time to visit or pick up those who can’t come to church? How about time to keep God’s property looking good? Or time to pick up bread or food for the pantry? How can you use 10% of your time to serve God?

Can you give your talent? Can you donate your talent to sing in the choir, play an instrument? Can you use your talent to fix things for others and the church? How about talent to teach a class, serve as worship assistant? How about a talent you can share with other members? How can you use 10% of your talent to serve God?

Can you give your treasure? For so many years, my time seemed to be all used up and I felt my talent was lacking. Therefore, the giving of my treasure always seemed to be the easiest of the three. From the day I received my first paycheck to now, I have made certain that at least 10% is given to charity, and not once did I ever miss a single dime. I believe the Lord, now through experience, when he teaches what a person gives will be given back, pressed down and overflowing. How can you use 10% of your wealth to serve God?

Later this month, you will receive a stewardship packet in the mail. Please take the time to read and pray as to how you will respond. For those who participated last year, in the next few days the “Love Letter to God” you filled out last year will be returned, unopened. Start thinking about where you can best serve in 2022.

If all members of Peace Lutheran became the stewards our Lord expects, we would be absolutely amazed at what happens next.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor David Trexler

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