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Peace Lutheran Church

Call Committee Update


On Feb 22 the call committee introduced a senior pastor candidate to the church council.  At the February 25 Annual Meeting, the call committee recommended this candidate to the PLC congregation.   We will vote on this candidate at a special congregational meeting on Sunday, March 18.  Final step is to issue a call to the new pastor following a 2/3 majority vote of voting members present and voting at a congregational meeting officially called for that purpose.

The call committee thanks the church leadership and congregation for their patience and prayers during the call process.  We sincerely believe that God has graced us with an experienced, passionate man of God with a specific calling to Peace Lutheran Church.  We look forward to unity and new beginnings as we welcome a new senior pastor





Peace Lutheran Church

Call Committee Update


The call committee resumed weekly meetings following a brief ‘Hurricane Irma’-related recess.   We finalized the senior pastor job ad and are posting it on key job opening web sites.  We’ve begun the process of collecting names, assessing qualifications and interviewing potential senior pastors. Five potential pastoral candidates have been identified as of Oct 5, 2017.  To keep the congregation fully informed, we will post call committee meeting minutes on the PLC website, place brief updates in the weekly Sunday bulletin, and schedule Peace in Progress meetings. 


The LCMC website ( is a valuable source of info and guidance; for example, it details the requirements for LCMC certification and contains a long list of LCMC pastors seeking a church to lead.  We encourage congregation members wanting to understand more about the call process to visit the site themselves.

Minutes from Call Committee Meeting 9/25/17

Tom led us in prayer. Tom, Lou, Faye, Barbara and Ivy were present.   Bill was absent.

Tom had some minor changes to the ad for Senior Pastor. 

  1. Para 3 change 190 covenant members to 150.

  2. Under Para 4 there were some minor word changes.

  3. Under #2 the wording is now “Three years senior pastoral experience or equivalent experience as an assistant/associate pastor.”


Tom will send each call committee member a copy of the ad for Senior Pastor.  Ivy will place the ad in the appropriate venues.


Members discussed that all resumes we receive are to be confidential within our committee.


Lou will create a new resume file for resumes we receive.


All members should be able to get on the Gmail account and be ready to review resumes.


Ivy is to ask Pastor Curt for a revised resume listing his experience at the church, with youth, and outreach to the community.


Next meeting in3 weeks, Monday, Oct 16, 2017. (Faye will not be able to attend this meeting because of company.  Week before or after would be fine.)


Barb closed with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted, Faye Schill

Peace Lutheran Church

Call Committee Update


On March 19th the congregational vote did not reach the 2/3 majority required to call the pastor that was recommended, thus the call process is still open.

Thank you for your patience with the process.

The Call Committee


Peace Lutheran Church                                                                                                                      

Call Committee Update


To all Senior Pastor Candidates:
As a status of the Peace Lutheran Church Call Process, we appreciate your support of our process, and we want to let you know that we have recommended a candidate to the congregation.  The vote will be held on March 19th, and we will post the results on the web site.  As always, this is in God's hands and we pray for you and your congregations, as we know you are praying for us.

Peace Lutheran Church Call Committee



Peace Lutheran Church

Call Committee Update



Your Call Committee has completed many phone interviews with Pastor candidates and, has started including council members on video teleconferences with the most promising pastors.  Now that we are at least seeing pastors faces, it is all feeling much more like a spiritual journey than a paperwork maze.


Please continue praying for us, we very easily may have already met our new pastor, or maybe he is the next one.


Jeff, Bev, Tom, Anne & Ivy






Peace Lutheran Church

Call Committee Update


Our Call For Senior Pastor has resulted in over 60 responses from which we have narrowed the field down to about 20 candidates which we have started to have phone interviews.  We hope to further narrow the choices to 6 for video interviews and then to 3 for visits to Peace for face to face interviews and opportunities to lead worship with us.

November 30th has been chosen to close our Call so we can focus on narrowing our focus instead of accepting new applications.  Our new pastor has responded to your call, we just need to prayerfully listen for our Lord's voice and guidance as we continue with the interview process.

Your prayers, patience, and support are greatly appreciated.



Peace Lutheran Church
Call for Senior Pastor

With the retirement of our Senior Pastor last April, Peace Lutheran Church is now opening the
Call for a Senior Pastor. This individual will preach bible-based sermons, relevant to our lives,
have a vision to engage young adults, and a passion to reach out to the community.
Peace has a 50-year history of serving the Palm Bay, Florida area through our food pantry and
preschool. We have significantly grown ministries to feed the hungry, house the homeless,
provide tutoring, and minister to the youth. Our facilities are open almost every day and evening
to many groups in the area supporting addiction recovery, youth activities, and local clubs.
We are a traditionally Lutheran, primarily retirement-aged congregation of 190 covenant
members gathering for both contemporary and traditional worship services, offering communion
every Sunday morning. Children enjoy a children’s sermon and children’s church during the
services and return for communion. As we gaze across our pews, we miss the fellowship,
energy and enthusiasm of young adults and young families that once filled this congregation.
We are eager to develop programs and ministries that are engaging and meaningful to their

Peace serves a community whose demographic has changed significantly over the years. We
recognize and accept through our Lord Jesus Christ that growing and sustaining our outreach
ministries is a fundamental mission that will define the future of our church. We are confident
that God has already called and equipped our new Pastor, to meet this challenge.
Please visit the Peace Lutheran Church Website at to find
the following: “About Us” for our constitution, annual report, and most recent newsletter “Olive
Branch” and church bulletin “Words of Peace”; “Ministries” and “Community Groups” to
review our support of the community; “Call Committee” to review recent surveys conducted to
develop this call.

Requirements of Senior Pastor :
1) Live life above reproach per 1 Timothy 3.
2) Ordained, LCMC Certified Pastor or be willing to complete the LCMC ordination process.
3) A passion for, and have experience developing, programs for young adults and families.

We prayerfully request you submit your resume, references, statement of doctrine, and views on
the mission God has called us, to This email address is limited to
the Call Committee to protect your privacy.

If you do not feel called to this mission, but know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to
forward this call.



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