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As a member congregation of "Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ" (LCMC), we support local, regional, national and global missions directly. Rather than funneling financial, material or volunteer support through a mission organization, we develop a one on one relationship with the missions and ministries we support. In this way, we get to see the needs as well as the resources that we can mutually share.

Our financial support to God's mission outside of our own ministry also comes from special offerings received and directed by the members of the congregation. Rather than have mission support a line item on our annual budget, during the year we highlight a ministry and ask for financial and in-kind support to their needs. Everything that is received goes directly to the ministry.

We also look for missions and ministries that are highly effective in getting our donated dollars and items directly to the need. Food for the Poor, for example, maintains a ratio of $.96 for every dollar donated getting directly to the need. Likewise, Reach Out Grand Bahamas Youth Ministry, every dollar directly supports this ministry. This high ratio of donations to need is one of our criteria for ministry support.

Please check back regularly to see which ministry we are highlighting at the time and if the need touches your heart.

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