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Please join us as we celebrate Jesus' birth!

Pastor's Corner                               



Dear Friends through Christ:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Bonnie.  And Bonnie was broke.  She was so sad because she didn’t have any money to buy her momma a Christmas present.  “What am I going to do?  Christmas is right around the corner.  I have to give mamma something,” said poor little Broke Bonnie.  Well on Christmas morning, Bonnie had a wonderful idea.  “I know what I’ll do,” she said, “I’ll wrap myself up in a pretty Christmas bow and give myself to mamma.” 


So that’s what little Bonnie did.  She tied some ribbon and a bow around herself, and ran into the living room and said, “Merry Christmas mamma, I give you Me!”


Did you know that’s what God did for us on Christmas morning?  Now the best present we can give to Jesus is the same present Bonnie gave to her mamma, “Jesus, I give you me!"  Giving ourselves to Christ Jesus is the heart of our faith!   If you look through the Bible you will find “believe/believer/believing” 272 times.  “Pray/prayer/praying” is found 371 times, and “love/loving” mentioned 714 times. 

There is no one reading this letter who would argue that believing, praying and loving aren’t critical pieces of our faith and our relationship with God.  In fact, we believe that God has given them to us as gifts.  So when we discover that the word “give/giver/giving” appears in Scripture 2,162 times or more than three times as often as love, it is apparent that God wants to teach us about giving, wants us to understand that learning to give is a huge gift itself! 


Why is that? 


Because giving makes you more like God!  As your imperfect pastor, my goal is to help you grow in your faith—to grow in your commitment as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  The promise to us is that as we do so, we become more and more like Jesus, shaped more and more into the image of God.  That is what being a Christian is all about—Becoming Christ-Like!  God gives to you all the time.  It is the nature of God to give.  Everything you have, everything you do, everything you are, is a gift from God.  So when you give, you actually become more like God, clothed in the very nature of Christ himself.  Giving draws you closer to God!  Giving strengthens your faith! 


Your relationship with God should be your first priority—not your leftovers.  Jesus teaches us in Matthew’s gospel, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Constantly working toward tithing (10%) helps you do that.  Because when your treasure is with God and God’s work, your heart will be closer to God.  You will see God’s presence—God’s purpose in your life!  The promise is that when you feel His love—your life will be transformed—your faith will be strengthened!  The Bible tells us to give and see what happens!

Like I said, there are more promises about giving than anything else in the Bible.  Jesus talks more about giving than heaven or hell.  He understands how money—what it symbolizes—control in our lives—and this control can mess up our relationship with God.


The journey of growing in faith through giving is a lot like the wrestling match Jacob had with God.  Jacob struggled with his integrity, his relationship with his family, his relationship with God.  Jacob wrestles through the night and Jacob thinks he has held his own.  But finally, God touches him and he can fight no more.  He’s a changed person forever.  He starts becoming whom God created him to be.  He becomes Israel, the father of the people through whom God makes himself known. When we wrestle with the issue of money and its place in our lives, what we’re really doing is wrestling with God.  We may think we have him licked, but eventually, God will touch us and we can fight no more.  Hopefully, that touching will be in your lifetime.  Because we will all stand before the throne someday and there will be no question of what is important.  All will bow down!  Folks that is no joke.  My prayer is that God touches your life—Today!  Last year we did our Stewardship drive a little different than most churches.  Most of you received a Love Letter to God.  Over 50 families made this

commitment and I and the Lord thanks you very much!!


This year we are going to try the same approach.  Within a few days, those who made pledges will receive them back in the mail—unopened. Then in a few days later you will again be receiving two “Love Letters” addressed to God.  I want you to pray and make your commitment.  One of the letters will be placed in the envelope supplied and returned to the church during the Advent Season either in person or through the mail.  This promise will be placed in one of the gift-wrapped boxes by the altar.


This letter will remain unopened!


Remember your promise, your struggle is with God, not me, not the council, not even the church.  Your promise is to your Maker and Redeemer who has given you everything.  Toward the end of the year (2017) your pledge will be mailed back to you unopened so you may be able to honestly see where God stands in your life. 


The important part of the process is for you to make a faith-filled commitment to God, write it down and then return one card. 


This simple action may not show us how much money we may expect, but it will show us how many of our Saints and Sinners are committed to supporting the work of God’s Church in the year 2020.  The second “Love Letter” to God is also to be filled out.  This letter should be kept in a place to remind you not only of your promise but of all the many gifts the Lord has freely given to you!  In this New Year, I hope and pray that we may all become more Christ-Like!


In Christian Love,                                                                                                                                                                     

Pastor David Trexler



Winter 2020 Session Enrichment Classes

Classes will be on Thursdays for eight weeks: January 9th - February 27th at the Wesley United Methodist Church. 

Some of the classes are: Quilting, Astronomy Beyond Your Back Porch, History of the U.S. Supreme Court, Gardening, Musical History Tour and more.

For more information and to register for a class, please visit the website:

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As a member congregation of "Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ" (LCMC), we support local, regional, national and global missions directly. Rather than funneling financial, material or volunteer support through a mission organization, we develop a one on one relationship with the missions and ministries we support. In this way, we get to see the needs as well as the resources that we can mutually share.




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